A food lover’s wine

By simply placing your nose above a glass of Viré-Clessé, your senses are enveloped in the delicate balance of aromas that make Burgundy wines so distinctive. You can now get to know a white wine that will charm you at first, but is complex for those who wish to further their relationship. It is a wine to please both the casual wine drinker and the demanding connoisseur alike !

To introduce the Viré-Clessé wines as a single body is a challenge. They are the product of a variety of ‘terroirs’ passionately worked on by winemakers who know how to get the best out of their land. Depending on their origin, each wine will open you to a different world of on your journey through the universe of Burgundy whites…

A pale, golden «robe», or appearance, covets a wine that’s clear and luminous to the eye. It delivers, to the nose, aromas of peach, apricot, white flowers, acacia or lemongrass. While tender, mild, smooth and fruity, it manages to preserve the typical crispy mineral aspect of a Mâconnais white. The Viré-Clessé’s complexity follows it’s tartness, reinforced by a certain smoothness brought on by the rich and juicy grapes that have been harvested at their peak. The Viré-Clessé’s strength comes from an expert combination of fruit and minerality.

Yet each winemaker instills a clear personal touch into his wine. Some of us would rather wait longer before harvesting in order to obtain more aromatic and generous wines. We all cherish balance, richness and purity in our products. Our wines also have a long lasting effect in the mouth.

Certain tasters even find an exotic touch to the Viré-Clessé wines. Although we are North of the Mâconnais, our appellation is one of the southernmost ‘Crus’ of Burgundy !

Viré-Clessé loves company

For many, a Viré-Clessé is to be enjoyed for drinks before sitting down for a meal. It’s charm and complexity are enough to keep your taste buds delighted ! «It can also be drunk with tapas, smoked anchovies, Spanish ham or salmon» explains Fabrice Sommier, sommelier and ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007.

Pairing Viré-Clessé with food, follows the basic rules of most Burgundy white wines. Viré-Clessé goes exquisitely with white meats, fish and shellfish. «Some dishes need this type of complex wine» insists the sommelier. «The Viré-Clessé also goes very well with spices. A lamb curry or glazed poultry ‘asian style’ go both very well with a Viré-Clessé. As for cheese, you can’t go wrong with an Epoisse from Burgundy. You can then finish up with a pear tart accompanied by a smoother and sweeter Viré-Clessé».

The combinations are endless. The best thing to do is to put on your apron and get to work in the kitchen ! Share your culinary adventures on our Facebook page :


The terroir : quite a story !

The Viré-Clessé cru is composed of two slopes that run South to North. They border the Bourbonne and Mouge Valleys. They are composed of chalk and limestone marl from the Oxfordian (late Jurassic epoch). Other terrains, at the bottom of the slopes, are sandstone and clay, exposed to the rising sun and with good drainage. The «cray» is a typical soil of the Mâconnais, with limestone and white rocks. It is the best for chardonnay grapes. Altitude : between 200 and 440 meters. The climate is temperate with a slight continental touch. Our production is of 64 hl per hectar and 62 hl per hectare if the locality is mentioned on the label.